Fame & Fortune

The First Cast
Star playPlayers enters the Delve this time being cast

After regrouping from their scattered groups throughout town, Beyand, Crunk,Klaus Steros, and Scott ready themselves for another Delve. This time with Klaus backed by the Dark Table, and Beyand by the Unravelers. After Klaus convinced a begrudging caster the scry their crawl.
p. Upon entering the shifting dungeon they found themselves is what looked to be an ancient sewer. Almost as soon as stepping foot in Beyand found himself wrapped up in an animated shit covered rug that attempted to sufficate him, much to his displeasure. My lunch break is over I will finish this later bye

First Delve

After learning of the shifting dungeon and acquiring a few quests to find things that lie within the adventures, consisting of soon to be Star Players , explored 2 levels of the “shifting Dungeon”. After clearing their way to freedom, and entering an unknown portal, they exited the dungeon and were placed in various points of the city.


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