Raving Ravens

The Raving Ravens were originally founded by the Head Warden of Spring Meadows Asylum for Feeble Minded. As an avid follower of the Games, Roberts Magnus thought that his insane asylum patients would make an entertaining addition to the Games.

Now the Raving Ravens are comprised of anywhere from the mentally disturbed to the straight up possessed. Similar to the Blasters, the Ravens’ entertain the masses with wonton destruction. The other guilds often refuse to go on Delves with the Ravens as it is not all to uncommon for the one of its members to snap mid-delve and turn on its party members.

Constantly recruiting members due to it’s astounding mortality rate, many fortune seekers join the Ravens to get a start however they are quickly swept up in the madness and never leave, until they perish that is.

“Madness is a well of sweet nectar that few can resist a drink from. And once they do, the thirst for it becomes unquenchable!” – Nissy Three Fingers

Raving Ravens

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